Change Champions - Windows 11 upgrade

IT Services is delivering a project to upgrade all University Windows devices (laptops and PCs) to Windows 11, the new Microsoft Operating System (OS).

The rollout of Windows 11 service, which features a new interface, enhanced performance, and security enhancements, will happen in the next 18 months.

Change Champions Network

To help support this change we are reaching out to colleagues across the organisation who can act as Change Champions in their respective Departments.

Are you looking for an opportunity to fulfill a PDR objective?

These Change Champions will act as conduits between end users and the project team to ensure 2-way communication, support, and guidance is available as colleagues transition to the new Services.

Activities will include:

  • To champion the new Service in your area
  • Capture local information and feed into the project teams
  • Disseminate business-critical information to your colleagues
  • Assist with booking device upgrades and handovers

Online briefing

The project team will be hosting an MS Teams briefing on Monday, 25th March at 10:30am.

An overview of the service, a rollout schedule, and more details about the role of Change Champions will be discussed in the briefing.

If interested in joining the Change Champions network, please add your details to the MS Forms link below.

Early Adopters / Pilot Users

Furthermore, staff members who are interested in becoming early adopters can participate in the pilot stage, with access to the new operating system being made available this summer.