Arrivals - your questions answered

It's understandable that you may have some questions about moving in. Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you need any more help.

How will I know when to arrive?

Your hall arrival date is listed on your accommodation contract. An email will be sent to all students who have completed their post-contractual requirements during September containing final arrival information. You will be asked to book an arrival slot as part of your online induction available from late August. Please see our Moving in page.

What if I am unable to arrive on the allocated date?

Please let us know so we can ensure that your room is held for you and arrangements are made for you to collect your keys. You are at risk of losing your room if you arrive after the start of term without prior notice.

Can I arrive by car?

Car parking spaces are limited but we have organised time slots, so your arrival can run as smoothly as possible.

You will be allocated a 60-minute slot to empty the car and there will be students on hand to help you. Due to the layout of the accommodation there will be a walk from the car to your room, but there are trolleys for heavier items.

When you arrive at Loughborough look out for the RAC signs on major routes that direct you to the correct entrance. Once you are on campus you will be directed to where you can collect your room keys. Once your have your room keys you will be directed to the dedicated unloading spaces.

Once you have unloaded the car and your time slot has ended, you may be directed to a longer stay car park if required.

Can I just arrive at campus during the arrivals period?

No. You will need to book a time slot prior to arriving. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your allocated arrival slot to ensure a smooth arrival process.

What if I just turn up on arrival day without booking a slot?

We have allocated booking slots in order to prepare for your arrival and ensure social distancing can be maintained. If you arrive without a booking slot, you may be asked to wait until an open slot is available.

How do I book an arrival slot?

Please log into your accommodation account to complete our online Living in Halls Induction and book your arrival slot.

What do I need to bring with me to collect my keys?

Please have your arrival pass ready on your phone or printed out. You will need to bring a form of identification with you to collect your ID card such as a passport or driving licence.

Where do I park when arriving?

Each hall will be allocated a specific car park or parking location. There will be signage displayed across campus to assist you in finding your hall. We will also have team members located at each hall location to direct you to a parking space.

What happens if I miss my booking slot?

If you miss your time slot, you may be asked to wait until an available slot and directed to a designated car park whilst you wait.

Can I bring my bike with me?

Yes, you may bring a bike with you. We have ample bike sheds available across all the halls for you store your bike. When collecting your room key, please inform the team and they will assist you.

Can I bring my car to campus?

Due to restricted parking spaces on campus, parking permits are not granted to first year students, or students who live close to the University. These restrictions do not apply to students with disabilities. Application forms for a parking permit are obtained from the Security Office +44(0)1509 223751

There is a planning control in force for students living in Claudia Parsons, John Phillips, Hazlerigg Rutland, Robert Bakewell, Elvyn Richards and William Morris. Please refer to clause 21.13 of the Halls of Residence Licence Terms and Conditions for further information.

For general information about traffic and parking on campus, please visit our traffic and parking pages.

What transport is available on campus?

There is a campus bus service running daily between the campus (via the town centre) to the train station every 10 minutes (Monday-Friday), until 00.20am. By foot it takes about 20 minutes to walk into town from campus.

For more information on getting around Loughborough, visit our Welcome to Loughborough website.