Applying for halls - your questions answered

It's understandable that you may have some questions about applying for University accommodation. Contact us if you need any more help.

What is the likelihood of securing my preferred accommodation?

At Loughborough we like to consider our halls as communities. This requires a balance of gender, course and year in each hall. Our online allocation system is therefore set up to prevent too many students who share the same course or gender from being allocated to the same hall.

Room Reservation (recommended option for Firm choice Undergraduates)

Before you apply - we suggest that you research our Halls of Residence and have a list ready of your preferred room options before you go online to reserve your room. You will be allocated a time slot to log into the system to reserve your room. Each time slot has access to an equal proportion of the room types and halls available. Rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Some room types are limited – please look at ALL options. If your first choice room is not available you can see what other rooms are available to reserve rather than us choose for you.

Room Preference

If Loughborough is not your Firm choice or you miss the room reservation deadline, you can set preferences for accommodation. Your offer will depend on several factors – availability, your preferences options and date of application.

Can I choose a quiet room?

A number of flats in some halls have been designated as 'quiet flats'. An increasing number of students each year request these and anyone living in a quiet flat would be required to cooperate. Noise must be restricted between 11pm and 8am. Please note that there may still be some environmental noise from surrounding flats or external areas.

When applying for accommodation, designated rooms will be identified as 'quiet' after their room type description.

Please be assured that the quiet flats will still be part of the hall community, residents will still be very much involved in every aspect of hall life.

What if I apply to Loughborough as an insurance student or through Clearing?

We do our best to help students who apply as an insurance student or through Clearing find accommodation. Where possible we will offer places in halls subject to availability. Please refer to our how to apply page for more information.

Once you have accepted an offer as insurance or through Clearing, you will be able to apply for University accommodation from the date specified on our announcements page.

How will I know if my accommodation preference has been received?

We will automatically email you to confirm that your preferences have been received and processed.

What if I am not allocated one of my accommodation preferences?

We recommend that you accept the offer made to you if you definitely wish to live in halls. If you are particularly unhappy with your offer, please contact us to discuss your options.

If after the first few weeks of term you are unhappy with your accommodation, it may be possible for you to transfer to another hall, subject to availability.

What if I have changed my address since applying for accommodation?

You must let the University Admissions team know of any changes of address. They can be contacted on: +44(0)1509 274403 or by email at

What if I'm not at home when my offer of accommodation arrives?

Your accommodation offer will be sent to you by email, therefore it is important that you let us know of any changes to your email address. The email will contain a link so you can accept the offer online. You will need your online username and password to view the offer.

As a mature student, what are my accommodation options?

If you are a mature student (aged over 21) you can apply to live in halls of residence but you are not automatically allocated a room in a flat with returning students (which may be quieter). Students who would like to be located in an area with fewer first year students are advised to contact us when applying in order to discuss the options available. Alternatively, once you have had your room allocated, it is recommended that you contact us in early September to make any specific requests.

You are also welcome to contact the Hall Warden prior to arrival to introduce yourself. Contact details can be found on our hall pages.

Some mature undergraduates request to be allocated a room in a postgraduate hall, this may be possible however, all postgraduate accommodation is let on a 50 week contract.

It is worth considering opting for a catered hall as this gives you the chance to meet more people in your hall (beyond your block), including the Hall Warden team.

In order for the University to offer the most suitable accommodation, mature students aged over 30 will be invited to apply for accommodation using the room preference option. For more information please see our how to apply pages.

Will I be allowed to go back into halls in my second year?

Approximately 30% of our rooms in halls are allocated to returning students. You will be given the opportunity to re-apply to return in December.

If you are an International student you will be guaranteed accommodation in your hall for at least two years of your stay at Loughborough providing you submit your application to return prior to the January deadline.

Second year students often prefer to find a house in town with their friends. For off campus accommodation, please check Studentpad for available properties. All our properties listed on Studentpad have been inspected and approved by the University, offering peace of mind.

If you are returning to Loughborough as a Postgraduate student, you can apply for a room in a postgraduate hall from April.

Specific requirements

What adapted accommodation is provided for students with a disability?

The University is committed to ensuring that students with a disability, including those with long term physical and mental health conditions, receive the support they need to succeed. This covers all areas of University life, including accommodation.

There are a range of adapted rooms across campus to meet disabled students’ needs, including catered and self-catered accommodation and en-suite rooms.

Support with medical or mental health conditions

I have a professional carer – how does accommodation support this?

If you are arranging your own carers, or if your carer is provided through the University's Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service, then you will need to contact the Disability Office to discuss this with an advisor as soon as possible.

What should I do if I don't have a room which suits my health needs?

We try our best to accommodate disability and health related requirements, however please be aware that your options will be limited towards the end of our room allocation process. If you have already used the Disability and Health Portal, you need to email us. If you have not used the Disability and Health Portal, you need to do this to have your requirements considered.

Can have a fridge in my room to store my medication?

You should provide medical evidence of your health condition and submit it in the Disability and Health Portal. A mini fridge issued to students is for use in your campus room only. Students are not permitted to bring their own fridge into halls.

I have a medical need for specific equipment - can this be provided?

You should provide medical evidence of your health condition and submit it in the Disability and Health Portal.

Can I stay in my room again next year as it best suits my needs?

As a returning student you will need to make an application in accordance with the re-applying to halls procedures and note under ‘do you want a particular room’ that you need the room for a disability-related reason.

The hall warden makes the decision on room allocation for returners so you may also wish to contact them as well.

If your current room is an adapted room allocated via the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service and you wish to return to this room, you should also email your request to the Disability Office.

Can you meet my cultural, religious or dietary requirements?

The University operates a policy of non-discrimination. Whilst we do our best to meet your accommodation preferences, students with particular cultural or religious requirements should take note that our policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunities leads to a mixed environment within our halls.

Whilst some areas are specifically designated male or female, socialisation is common, and some students' diets include meat and alcohol.

The University provides a prayer room to meet religious diversity. There are also a number of religious venues outside the campus. Please contact the University Chaplaincy for further information.

You should let the University know of any dietary requirements and, where practicable, provision will be made or alternative arrangements sought.

In catered halls we are able to offer Halal meats as part of our food service, however we are not able to offer a Kosher food service in our dining halls.

What accommodation is provided for couples or families?

The University offers a limited amount of self contained accommodation to students with partners or dependants. These flats/houses are within walking distance of the University. Children are not allowed in University halls of residence.

Students who wish to bring partners or dependants with them must contact the Student Accommodation Centre well in advance of their arrival for advice and assistance.