Moving into halls

We want to make sure moving in to your new home at University is an easy and enjoyable experience.

When your hall accommodation is confirmed you will be allocated a day to move into your hall. Moving in days will be before the autumn term starts to allow you to get settled into campus life before your studies start.

If you are unable to arrive on the date you've been given, you must let us know so we can ensure that your room is held for you and arrangements are made for you to collect your keys (full hall fees remain applicable). You are at risk of losing your room if you arrive late without prior notice.

Hall arrival dates for 2024

Wednesday 28 August

  • Claudia Parsons (SDC arrivals only)

Monday 23 September

  • Butler Court
  • Cayley
  • David Collett
  • Elvyn Richards
  • Harry French
  • Royce

Tuesday 24 September

  • Claudia Parsons
  • Towers
  • The Holt
  • Robert Bakewell
  • Rutherford

Wednesday 25 September

  • Faraday
  • Falkner Eggington
  • Hazlerigg-Rutland
  • John Phillips
  • Telford
  • William Morris

All ONCAMPUS international pathway students in Faraday, Falkner Eggington, Hazlerigg-Rutland, John Phillips, Telford or William Morris should also move into their accommodation on Tuesday 24 September.

Book your arrival slot

Once your academic place at Loughborough is confirmed, you will be able to go online and book your arrival slot. This helps our hall and warden teams to ensure you can collect your keys and complete the arrival process as quickly as possible. You should aim to arrive between 8am and 6pm on the arrival date for your hall.

If you plan to arrive by car, please be patient and follow the instructions given on arrival, these are designed to allow the University to cope with the increased volume of traffic.

Move-in day: a parent's view