Transfers or cancellations

Where you live is a very important part of your life at University and we want to make sure you get the best experience.

If you're not completely happy with your accommodation you have several options:

Get help with your accommodation issues

In the first instance please speak to your Hall Warden if something in particular is affecting or upsetting you - they will do everything they can to help sort out the problem.

Alternatively, you can speak in confidence to an accommodation consultant - please pop into the Student Accommodation Centre.

Move to a vacant room within your hall

If there are vacancies within your hall it may be possible to move to a different room or block. You can check vacancies with the Student Accommodation Centre and speak to your Hall Warden who will be able to help you.

Move to a vacant room in an alternative hall

You can apply to transfer to a vacant room in an alternative hall subject to availability. (Moves during the Summer Term will only be considered under special circumstances).

Complete our online transfer request form and check for vacancies with the Student Accommodation Centre. Permission will need to be obtained from both wardens prior to moving.

Register on the waiting list

If we do not have a suitable vacancy to offer you, you can register your details on our waiting list by completing our transfer request form. We will contact you if an appropriate room becomes available.

Please note:

  • Students who swap rooms within a hall or move to a different hall will incur an administration charge of £50.00
  • You will have 24 hours to view a vacant room on offer. After viewing the room you must inform the Student Accommodation Centre if you wish to go ahead and accept the new contract (if applicable) within 24 hours.

Contract cancellation

Students who withdraw from University accommodation but remain registered at the University will be liable for Hall fees for the remainder of the Licence Term, unless a replacement is found. A replacement must be a student who has not already registered for accommodation.

Students who withdraw from their course of study at the University or take leave of absence, are required to complete our cancellation request form. Cancellation charges will apply.

For further details please refer to clause 6 of the Halls of Residence Licence Terms and Conditions.