Water Engineering and Development Centre

Water resources and quality

Assessment and development of water resources is vital for the health and survival of both urban and rural communities. Water needs to be of adequate quantity and quality. WEDC’s holistic approach to water and sanitation includes analysis of water resources and quality issues with a particular focus on how they impact on the provision of water and sanitation services.

The presence of some chemicals (such as fluoride, arsenic, iron and salt) in water may be either harmful to health or make the water unpalatable for reasons such as taste and odour. More serious is the bacterial quality of water, because organisms capable of transmitting diseases may be present in the water. WEDC has undertaken research on the use of Water Safety Plans that aim to protect the quality of water from source to consumer, and we continue to promote the use of this concept. Testing of water quality is an important component of these plans, to verify that protective measures are effective.

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