Water Engineering and Development Centre

WEDC Guides

WEDC guides provide essential information and instruction about specific water, sanitation, hygiene and related subjects. They are produced in a handy A5 format, are copiously illustrated and available to download free of charge. Selected titles are also available in French.


GUIDE No. 1: An introduction to visual impact assessment

GUIDE No. 2: Disasters and emergencies: definitions, impacts and response 

GUIDE No. 3: Apron slabs for water points: an engineer's guide

GUIDE No. 4: Domestic water containers

GUIDE No. 5: Latrine slabs

GUIDE No. 6: The Logical Framework

GUIDE No. 7: Speaking and presenting in public

GUIDE No. 8: Building with the community

GUIDE No. 9: Writing reports

GUIDE No. 10: How to use and cite literature effectively

GUIDE No. 11: Selecting WASH indicators

GUIDE No. 12: The Sphere Project

GUIDE No. 13: Managing hygiene promotion in WASH programmes

GUIDE No. 14: Sanitary surveying

GUIDE No. 15: Water source selection

GUIDE No. 16: Inclusive design for school latrines

GUIDE No. 17: Measuring chemical concentrations in water supplies

GUIDE No. 18: Menstrual hygiene management (MHM)

GUIDE No. 19: An introduction to water safety plans (WSPs)

GUIDE No. 20: Preventing transmission of faecal-oral diseases

‌‌GUIDE No. 21: How to design a poster

GUIDE No. 22: An introduction to pit latrines

GUIDE No. 23: Latrine pit design

GUIDE No. 24: Latrine pit excavation and linings

GUIDE No. 25: Simple pit latrines

GUIDE No. 26: Pour flush latrines

GUIDE No. 27: Ventilated improved pit latrines (VIPs)

GUIDE No. 28: Latrine superstructures

GUIDE No. 29: Pit latrines for special circumstances

GUIDE No. 30: Septic tank and aqua privy design

‌‌GUIDE No. 31: Measuring turbidity in water supplies

GUIDE No. 32: How to make concrete

GUIDE No. 33: Membrane filtration

GUIDE No. 34: Water sampling

GUIDE No. 35: Soil and infrastructure (forthcoming)

GUIDE No. 36: Timber for infrastructure (forthcoming)

GUIDE No. 37: Shelter in emergencies (forthcoming)

GUIDE No. 38: Institutional buildings and emergencies (forthcoming)

GUIDE No. 39: Roads, bridges and airfields in emergencies (forthcoming)

GUIDE No. 40: Mechanical and electrical plant in emergencies (forthcoming)

GUIDE No. 41: Logistics in emergencies (forthcoming)

GUIDE No. 42: Infrastructure for vulnerable people (forthcoming)

GUIDE No. 43: Rainwater collection



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Technical Briefs

A number of our guides are extended versions of WEDC-authored technical briefs which first appeared in the journal Waterlines. The original technical briefs are listed below and were compiled in the Practical Action (formerly ITDG) publications The Worth of Water (technical briefs 1–32) and Running Water (technical briefs 33-64). They are also are available in print from Practical Action Publishing.


WHO Sanitation System Fact Sheets

Deisgned by WEDC for the World Health Organization (WHO) these sanitation system fact sheets are stand-alone notes, first published in WHO Guidelines on Sanitation and Health.

Technical Notes on Drinking-Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Emergencies

Written and produced by WEDC for the World Health Organization (WHO).

WELL Fact Sheets

An archive of fact sheets produced by WELL, a DFID Resource Centre for water, sanitation and hygiene