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Hydrodynamics and Hydraulics

We use field measurements, experiments, mathematical techniques and numerical methods to study the movement of water through and over the earth’s surface.




We have expertise in ecohydraulics, flood modelling, groundwater, overland flow, shallow water numerics and turbulence theory. Graham Sander is (co)editor-in-chief of Advances in Water Resources while Chris Keylock and Qiuhua Liang are associate editors for Water Resources Research and Journal of Hydrology.  


We undertake research around the world, and collaborate with some of the world's top universities including Cornell, EPFL, Imperial College and MIT. Recent projects include:

  • The NERC-funded: Building REsilience to Multi-source Flooding in South/Southeast Asia through a Technology-informed Community-based approacH (REMATCH);
  • The NERC-funded: FUTURE-DRAINAGE: Ensemble climate change rainfall estimates for sustainable drainage;
  • The NERC-funded: Web-Based Natural Dam-Burst Flood Hazard Assessment and ForeCasting SysTem (WeACT);
  • The EPSRC-funded special interest group on Nonequilibrium Turbulence.

We are involved with CENTA, which provides opportunities for PhD funding. Our current advertised projects include:


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