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Micro hardness tester

Automated Micro Hardness Testing

LMCC has an automated micro hardness testing machine to enhance its materials characterisation capability. The system shall facilitate new research to be conducted in areas such as weld development for power generation steels. The system provides the capability to conduct hardness testing on large areas.

The system has the flexibility to measure the hardness of materials using a load of 10 g to 2 kg, using Vickers or Knoop testing methods.

The advantage of conducting hardness measurements with a Knoop indenter is that the indenter typically penetrates half as deep as a that of a Vickers indenter. Therefore, Knoop hardness testing can be very useful when conducting measurements on brittle materials. for example, ceramics.

The system is fully automatic and will allow an array of hardness measurements to be carried out. This instrument has allowed new research to be conducted on welds, which was previously very labour intensive, but has also ensured repeatable results are obtained.

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