Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre


The primary aim of Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre (LMCC) is to support materials research within the Materials Department and the University as a whole. In addition to supporting materials research throughout Loughborough University LMCC staff also undertake their own research in the following areas:

  • Anodising and conversion coatings
  • Adhesion and abhesion
  • Instrumentation development

Latest Journal Papers

Effect of morphological state of graphene on mechanical properties of nanocomposites

O. Bayrak, M. Ionita, E. Demirci and V. Silberschmidt

Journal of Mater Science

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Structured Biodegradable Polymeric Microparticles for Drug Delivery Produced Using Flow Focusing Glass Microfludic Devices

E. Ekanem, S. Nabavi, G. Vladisavljevic and S. Gu

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

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NORM in the East Midlands' oil and gas producing region of the UK

J. Garnerm, J. Cairns and D. Read

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity

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Oxidation behaviour of a next generation polycrystalline Mn containing Ni-based superalloy

S. Pedrazzini, D.J. Child, G. West, S.S. Doak, M.C. Hardy, M.P. Moody and P.A.J. Bagot

Scripta Materialia

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Development of a super hydrophobic polyurethane-based coating from a two-step plasma-fluoroalkyl silane treatment

J.O.F. West, G.W. Critchlowa, D.R. Lake and R. Banks

Scripta Materialia

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