Doctoral researchers

Thinking of doing a PhD?

If you're interested in joining a dynamic community of talented researchers from around the world to explore research questions that matter, we would like to hear from you.

Discover the topics we're interested in supervising PhD study in below.

Our research topics

Within the Marketing and Retailing group we are especially keen to receive PhD research proposals in the following areas:

  • marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, international marketing and internationalization
  • consumer behaviour, cross-cultural consumer behaviour, social media, customer engagement and marketing ethics
  • branding, brand image, brand management, and international brand issues.

In addition to this however, group members are willing to consider PhD research proposals in the areas listed below.

Please use the list below to identify a potential supervisor(s), develop your research proposal, share this with the identified supervisor(s) and confirm they are willing to be named in support of your application. You are encouraged to ask for feedback from them to develop your research proposal. Then you should be ready to formally apply.

John Cadogan

  • international marketing
  • international entrepreneurship
  • marketing strategy
  • sales management

Belinda Dewsnap

  • marketing strategy development
  • marketing planning
  • marketing leadership

Sahar Mousavi

  • branding
  • customers’ engagement in social media and virtual communities
  • the use of gamification in improving online customer brand engagement
  • applying gamification to new product development

Jim Crick

  • coopetition
  • internationalisation theory
  • entrepreneurial marketing (the marketing/entrepreneurship interface)

Joao Oliveira

  • international marketing
  • branding/brand management
  • digital marketing (including social media marketing)

Nina Michaelidou

  • consumer behaviour, as well as cross-cultural consumer behaviour.
  • brand image/ brand equity in the commercial and charity and non-profit contexts
  • social media advertising, usage and motivations
  • social marketing, ethics and health behaviours

Recent graduates

Jinqiu (Joy) Cai
Project title: Exploitation and exploration capabilities, decision-making styles, innovation process and performance in the export context

James Crick
Project title: The Antecedents and Consequences of a Customer Value-Oriented Dominant Logic: A Dynamic Managerial Capabilities Perspective

Peter Dickenson
Project title: Entitativity in Sponsorship and Purchase Intentions

Rachel Fuller
Project title: Developing and Testing a New Framework for How Consumers Narrow Down Brands for Choice
Year of graduation: 2017
Current role: Lecturer in Marketing
Current employer: La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

Gunawan Gunawan 
Project Title: Performance Measurement Among Small and Medium-Sized UK Internet Retailers

Cathy Hart

Nikolaos Kakkos 
Project title: An Integrated Approach to Export Performance Assessments

Hitesh Kalro
Project title: The Impact of Ambidextrous Market Learning on Product Advantage and Product Performance in High-Tech Firms

Tiffany Kit Peng Lam 
Project title: Antecedents and Consequences of Market Orientation - An Examination in the JV’s Relational Context

Vagelis Korobilis-Magas

Konstantinos Malagas 
Project title: Market Orientation and Implications on the Airline Industry

Abdul Talib Asmat Nizam 
Project title: Differences in Market-Oriented Behaviour Levels Across Firms’ Domestic and Export Marketing Operations - A Study of Antecedents and Consequence

Grazyna Stachow
Project title: Retail Image of Town and City Centres

Joseph Sy-Changco
Project title: Export Memory – A Preliminary Investigation of its Quality, its Use, and its Link to Export Performance

Paul Taylor-West

Roumpini Tsakona
Project title: Corporate Philanthropy and Brand Morality Perceptions

Sören Winklemann
Project title: Events Marketing vs Events Sponsorship: Performance-related Outcomes and the Moderating Effect of Brand Orientation

Meimei Wu 
Project title: The Consumers’ Adoption of Internet Banking in China

Arvind Yadav
Project title: Emerging Trends in Retailing in India

Nahid Yazdani
Project title: Export Mode Portfolio: Transaction Cost Economics and Real Options Perspectives

Gilles Ysebaert
Project title: Rewriting the Terms of Endearment: A Longitudinal Approach to Developing Sustainable Channel Partner Programmes