The UK Arctic Science Conference 2019

Researchers from around the world attended the UK Arctic Science Conference hosted by Geography and Environment.

From atmospheric physicists to anthropologists, to political scientists and ecologists, more than 110 researchers from different fields and parts of the world gathered at Loughborough University earlier this month to discuss Arctic matters.

Last week Geography and Environment held the ‘UK Arctic Science Conference’, supported by the NERC Arctic Office, welcoming 110 delegates to Loughborough University. Researchers from the UK, Denmark, Norway, Russia and Sweden – with backgrounds in physical and social sciences – took part in lectures, workshops and networking sessions, as well as an educational event with local schools. There were 110 delegates altogether, with a number of overseas colleagues joining us, in particular from Russia, but the furthest-flung delegate hailed all the way from Rio de Janeiro. The full programme, with abstracts, is at  and a search of #ArcticConf2019 provides a flavour of events.

The School would like to thank Prof. Jo Bullard and Dr. Richard Hodgkins, who have been leading on this event, but also to the rest of the organising committee and team that have contributed to its great success. Involved in the collective effort required to deliver one of these larger international conferences were Jeff Evans, Dave Graham and Clay Prater, and from within our PGR community, Guy Tallentire and Clay set up a school outreach programme showcasing his own glacier experiment. Amy Gray was in charge of the conference twitter account, while Maud van Soest and Keechy Akkerman helped organise an Early Career workshop on ‘Writing Successful Proposals’ with the UKPN and APECS, which took place on Wednesday as a pre-conference event. And beyond that, a big thank-you to support and laboratory staff for all their support.

Some tweets:

@IngridAgnete: Many thanks to The UK #ArcticConf2019 organisers for an excellent conference! @Rich_Henriksen, @lborouniversity, @Arctic_Office ++ Looking forward to next time in a couple of years!

@jobrowse: Loving the number of self-identified geographers (of all flavours) at #ArcticConf2019