Maud is a soil scientist whose research to date has focussed on 3 main themes: (1); the effect of atmospheric deposits on soil characteristics (2) understanding how soils develop within a landscape perspective; (3) soil-plant interactions in relation to climate (change). These themes can be seen throughout my career choices. Maud also has a longstanding interest in developing a sound understanding of environmental sciences with a perspective on international approaches to soil management and sustainable food production.

PhD Topic/Title: Modern aeolian dust deposition on arctic soils in South West Greenland: Linkages between geomorphology and ecosystem dynamics in space and time

Maud's PhD research sits at the interface of geomorphology and ecology and has focused on understanding the key processes in soil development and vegetation in an arctic climate. During her PhD she was actively involved in the organisation of 4 remote field work campaigns to Greenland. Samples were collected in the field and analysed in the laboratory looking at particle size, elemental composition and carbon and phosphorus content. Maud has developed a large portfolio of guided and independent environmental modelling and data manipulation which provide a holistic understanding of key processes in soil and landscape interactions. This includes, but is not limited to, using R and ArcGIS for predictive modelling of the composition of artic soils based on spatial variables such as elevation, exposure and hydrological connectivity.

PGR Supervisors: Professor Joanna Bullard, Professor John Anderson