Ready Set Loughborough

An induction programme that celebrates our vibrant and inclusive community, featuring a wide range of essential development activities and resources to help your smooth transition into life at Loughborough!

Ready Set Loughborough (RSL) features one pathway through 4 key areas of activity to best prepare you for life at university. Each topic is essential and will be covered each week as follows:

Ready Set Loughborough badge

Our Diverse Community – showing you the diverse and inclusive community Loughborough celebrates and champions!

Your Wellbeing – highlighting your wellbeing and the opportunities and services available to help you prioritise this during your time here.

What we expect of each other – what we expect of our students as good Loughborough citizens, including important information and training.

Your Study Success – top tips, tools, and activities to help you to prepare for your studies at university.

Simply follow the pathway to review the information provided.

Complete the activities pre-arrival and you’ll be awarded your Ready Set Loughborough badge in our dedicated Personal Best web app.

Complete Ready Set Loughborough by midnight on Sunday 1 October 2023. The first 600 to complete will be rewarded with a range of exciting Loughborough University stash and merchandise to mark your start with us!

Studying a STEM-based degree or want to develop your maths ability? Ready Set Loughborough also features an optional 6-week programme to help you do just that.

How do I complete the 'Ready Set Loughborough' badge?

Retrieve your IT credentials. These details are crucial to your studies as they will allow you to access all IT Services at Loughborough University.
Register online. You'll receive an email, inviting you to register.
Login to Personal Best. Using your new University email and password, login to the Personal Best web app.
Access Ready Set Loughborough from the Personal Best landing page and get started on completing the activities.
We recommend completing this badge prior to arriving at the University as the topics are essential to being ready to join our Loughborough Community.

What other support is available to me?

Personal Best also offers you the chance to gain an overall Award at the end of your degree, providing a fantastic way to structure and evidence your personal and professional development during your time at Loughborough.

It is designed to support your development in 15 key skills areas and by completing activities and reflecting on your development in our dedicated web app, you become eligible to receive the Personal Best Award.

To read more about what is required, see our Personal Best Award web pages.