Personal Best

A programme of support and development to help you gain maximum benefit from your time at Loughborough University.

As part of Loughborough University's Personal Best programme, we have developed a unique induction activity - Ready Set Loughborough - specifically to help you prepare for coming to Loughborough.

What is Personal Best?

Personal Best is an exclusive development programme for Loughborough students. It is structured around the University motto: Veritate, Scientia, Labore - each word indicating development in a dimension of your life at Loughborough – academic, professional and personal.

Ready Set Loughborough

Ready Set Loughborough includes two sections:

Get Ready to Study - to help you prepare for academic life at Loughborough

Being a Good Loughborough Citizen - to educate you about our Community and how you can be a good Loughborough citizen.

The two sections cover a number of important topics and within each topic you will find one or more activity cards with different activities to complete.

When you have completed the compulsory activities, you will be awarded the Ready Set Loughborough badge in our dedicated Personal Best web app. You will easily be able to spot all the compulsory activities as there is a green asterisk in the top-right-hand corner of each card.

How do I complete the 'Ready Set Loughborough' badge?

Personal Best and the badges are accessed through our dedicated web app. You'll need to have registered and received your IT credentials first before you can make a start.

Retrieve your IT credentials. These details are crucial to your studies as they will allow you to access all IT Services at Loughborough University.
Register online. You'll receive an email, inviting you to register.
Login to Personal Best. Using your new University email and password, login to the Personal Best web app.
Read the information on the 'Ready Set Loughborough' landing page and watch the ‘walk-through’ video which will explain in more detail about how to navigate in the badge.
Get started. We recommend completing this badge prior to arriving at the University so you are ready to become part of our Loughborough Community.

What other support is available to me?

Personal Best also offer you the chance to gain the Personal Best Award which is a fantastic way of structuring and evidencing your personal and professional development over the next few years.

The Award has been designed to support you with your development in 15 key skill areas. By completing activities and reflecting on your development in Personal Best, you become eligible to receive the Personal Best Award upon completing your degree.

To read more about what is required, take a look at the Personal Best Award web pages.