Developing your mathematical ability

Depending on which programme you will be studying, it is likely you will need a good level of mathematical ability, and for some programmes, it is vital.

To help you prepare for study, we have developed online maths training so you can revise and practice your current maths skills and feel confident that you are ready to tackle the maths you will meet on your degree programme.

We have designed the course to be completed over the summer and it will not require more than a couple of hours per week of studying (and only a few minutes if you are confident in the required mathematics skills!). There is a different topic for each week and the course runs for six weeks in total.

There are three different routes available, depending on the level of mathematics you have studied at School or College and the degree programme you are studying at Loughborough. There will be a selection of activities and short tests that you can use as revision for any topics that you feel you need a refresher on.

Some non-STEM subjects such as the arts or drama may not include much mathematics but we would advise that you complete at least the basic algebra section which you will need for employment numeracy.

Being able to handle mathematical and statistical concepts, as well as being able to apply these, is important regardless of which programme you will be studying with us. Remember this mathematics resource has been developed to help you be confidently prepared to start your course.

Choose your pathway

Mathematics Learning Support Centre

The Mathematics Learning Support Centre (MLSC) provides award-winning mathematics and statistics support.

The service is available free to every Loughborough student. When you are on campus, you can visit the centre in the Schofield Building for one-to-one help offered by experienced mathematics lecturers and the centre also offers remote support via Microsoft Teams.

Visit the MLSC website for more information