A great way to start preparing for study is to familiarise yourself with our virtual learning environment and lecture capture systems. That way you'll know how to access them and how they work before the start of term.


LEARN provides learning resources for modules and programmes, created by academic staff. Examples of resources include outlines of lecture notes, lecture slides, additional reading, discussion forums, online assessment, coursework submission, feedback forms, virtual classrooms, podcasts, quizzes and more.

It is also a gateway to other services, such as ReVIEW lecture capture and module feedback.



ReVIEW is Loughborough University’s lecture capture system. It allows your lecturer to record a teaching session and make the recording available for students to view online through the LEARN module homepage. ReVIEW is always available via links on your module pages.

Your lecturers may also choose to make recordings of teaching sessions delivered through MS Teams; you will be notified if a Teams session you are in is being recorded by a system message on your screen.

Please note that recordings provided via ReVIEW or MS Teams are provided as a tool to supplement your learning, and should not be viewed as a replacement for attending.

ReVIEW lecture capture