After your exams

Once your exams are over, there are processes which generate results and deal with any problems arising.

Mitigating Circumstances

The University recognises that you may miss part or all of an exam or fail to meet your full potential in an assessment due to circumstances beyond your control. In such cases, you may submit a claim for Mitigating Circumstances in accordance with Regulation XVII.

Please note that any work received after your final submission time will be treated as late and you will only receive a mark if you submit a valid Mitigating Circumstances claim. You will need to explain in your claim the reason that your work was late and include evidence where possible.

Likewise, files that have been submitted incorrectly will not be marked unless a valid Mitigating Circumstances claim has been submitted.

Mitigating Circumstances claims will need to explain why your work was submitted late or incorrectly, and in particular for 1b exams, how you used your 30 minutes upload/download time. Claims resulting from poor time-keeping/organisation will not be deemed valid.

For a full explanation of the process, follow the link below.

Mitigating Circumstances

How are exams marked?

We have standard procedures for marking and moderating (reviewing and checking) online exam work. For more information on exams marking, please follow the link below.

All examination scripts are anonymously marked: i.e. the scripts are identified only by Student ID number and the identity of students is not revealed to the markers.

After your exams have been marked and moderated, they will then be passed to a Programme Board (along with marks that you may have been awarded for other assessments) in order that a final decision can be taken on your Part outcome.

How work is marked Detailed information about assessment decisions

How will I receive my results?

Semester 1 Results

Your online exam work will be marked and moderated (reviewed and checked) in accordance with the standard procedures. Semester 1 marks will be released via the MyResults page in Week 3 of Semester 2 (from Monday to Wednesday). You will receive an email when your results are available to view.

Generic feedback on students' performance in the exams will be provided in the standard way.

Please note that marks awarded in Semester 1 are provisional and will not have the Safety Nets applied yet. Semester 1 marks will be reviewed again and finalised using the University's Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Safety Nets (and in consultation with relevant external examiners) at the examination boards following Semester 2 (June/July) and, for PGT students, Semester 3 (October/November).

Semester 2, SAP and Semester 3 Results

More information on the results release process for these points in the year can be found on our dedicated Results FAQ page.


Results FAQ page »

Academic Appeals

Regulation XIV describes the circumstances under which a student can make an appeal against the decisions of an academic board. Follow the link for a detailed explanation of academic appeals.

Please note that Academic Appeals based solely on work having been submitted incorrectly or late will not be accepted.

Academic Appeals

Academic Transcripts and Degree Certificates

Upon successful completion of your programme, you will receive an official Loughborough University certificate which shows the award you have received.

The University also produces academic transcripts which show all the programme modules you have studied at Loughborough, the marks you achieved for those modules and your final award.

You will be provided with your academic transcript along with your certificate as part of the graduation process. Additional copies of your certificate or transcript can be ordered for a charge from the University's online store by selecting the appropriate item from the Academic Registry section.

Certificates and Transcripts on Graduation site