Adjustment deadlines for exams

Details about the deadlines for reasonable adjustments to be added to your record for the next exam session

The University's Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service (SWAI) offers a range of support for students. If you have a disability or medical condition that you think could affect your performance in exams and assessments, you should contact SWAI at your earliest opportunity to discuss these. SWAI will assess whether reasonable adjustments can be put in place to support you in demonstrating your true academic potential.

Is there a deadline for adjustments to be added?

There is a deadline for each exam period by when your adjustments must be added to your record. If you are assessed as needing an adjustment after this deadline, the adjustment will still be added to your record so it is taken into account in the future, but won't be applied for that particular exam period. These deadlines are detailed below:

Semester 2 exams (May/June)

If SWAI receive diagnostic evidence (as per their Evidence Policyor have a 1-1 meeting with you: 

  • before Sunday 21 April this will ensure your exam adjustments are processed in time for Semester 2 exams. 

  • between Monday 22 April and Sunday 5 May, the aim is to ensure your exam adjustments are processed by both SWAI and Registry in time for Semester 2 exams, but this cannot be guaranteed. 

    • Please be aware that the automated notification confirming your adjustments have been published to your records is not confirmation they will be included in the upcoming exams.
    • Registry will email you directly if they are able to include your adjustments for Semester 2 exams.
  • from Monday 6 May, your exam adjustments will not be processed in time for Semester 2 exams (but will still be added to your record for future examination periods if relevant). 

If you experience unforeseen circumstances after this deadline (e.g. a sudden change in physical or mental health such as an injury) please reach out to SWAI as soon as you can to discuss support.

Who can I contact to discuss support or adjustments?

If you have any concerns regarding your reasonable adjustments and how they will be accommodated when sitting examinations, please contact SWAI at You can check your current adjustments via your Self Service and clicking on the disability tab.

If you feel your adjustments have not met your requirements, please email to discuss with SWAI first before submitting any claim for mitigating circumstances.

What can I expect on the day of my exam?