Holding effective meetings

The dynamic working project team has consulted extensively about meetings and through that consultation developed materials to support staff to hold effective meetings.

As an organisation, we spend a lot of time in meetings. So we should make sure that time is well spent and that our meetings are conducted in ways that allow diverse voices to input into and inform our decisions.

The ways in which we choose to conduct our meetings can and should be more varied in response to new technologies and different patterns of working. However, the need to run effective and inclusive meetings remains a constant.

This guidance has been developed to support colleagues across the University to lead, organise and participate in effective and inclusive meetings. It provides information on how to choose the most effective meeting format and offers advice and top tips for chairs, meeting organisers and attendees.

The guidance has been developed in collaboration with colleagues from across the University, taking into consideration a diverse range of viewpoints, as well as a review of the literature and best practice across multiple sectors. We would like to take the opportunity to thank colleagues who have contributed to the development process and we will continue to review the guidance on an ongoing basis as we move to a more dynamic way of working.