Project Compliance

Project Compliance is one of six enabling projects initiated following the ratification of the new University Strategy by Council in March 2022. Directed by the Head of Legal Services, and led by Organisational Development, Project Compliance will play a central role as the University embarks on its next strategic cycle through to 2030. 

The University is required to secure compliance with a range of rules and obligations - maintaining the integrity of those obligations is important. This must be approached in a way that is effective, taking an appropriate view of the risks involved. Project Compliance embodies an approach which will secure the right outcomes, whilst enabling us to realise valuable opportunities.

Richard Taylor, Chief Operating Officer

Project Compliance sets out a new approach to how we comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. The Project will lead a cultural change whereby everyone understands what their responsibilities are in relation to different compliance areas and are supported to achieve them.

Through Project Compliance, we will reimagine our approach to securing compliance in a way which is intuitive, timely and pragmatic. Colleagues will understand clearly what their roles are in that endeavour and be supported to do so.

Sam McGinty, Head of Legal Services

At its core, Project Compliance seeks to protect the integrity of the University’s compliance obligations, whilst skilling and empowering colleagues to take appropriate action at the appropriate time.

The six enabling projects are the vehicles that help drive our University to meet its strategic aims. The culture change Project Compliance brings provides a firm foundation to fuel the University’s future growth.

John Houghton, Organisational Development & Change Advisor

Project Compliance aims

  • Create capacity for colleagues by reducing manual checks and processes which add little value to securing compliance.
  • Reduce bottlenecks within Professional Services through training and empowerment of colleagues, to enable them to take the appropriate action and the right time.
  • Free up our compliance experts to refocus on the higher risk matters, where they add the most value.
  • Reduce ‘red tape’ around compliance, ensuring our processes are proportionate to the risks involved.
  • Support the implementation of clear policies across a range of compliance areas.

Inform-Support-Assure-Lead (ISAL) is a new framework that was built to meet these aims.The project will work closely with the other Enabling Projects, especially Project Enable and Project Expectations.