Project Digital

Project Digital is one of six enabling projects initiated following the ratification of the new University Strategy by Council in March 2022. Directed by the Chief Financial Officer, and led by IT Services.

Project Digital will play a central role as the University embarks on its next strategic cycle through to 2030.

Project aims

  • Ensure that Digital is integrated into each Core Plan so that digital requirements are identified.
  • Articulate specific digital requirements for each Core Plan and capture in a single pipeline.
  • Address the three underlying themes that will be required in order to deliver digital transformation across multiple strategic areas:
    • Develop an institutional data strategy, that will set the roadmap for improving processes, governance, culture and technology so that we can derive much more value from our key data.
    • Design and implement a structured, supported framework that incentivises, recognises and develops the digital skills of staff.
    • Improve support for user-led workflow and business process change.
  • Use the IT Services P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project) Management approach to prioritise, deliver and monitor the necessary projects to deliver the above.

Programme Board

Project Digital's Programme Board is responsible for reviewing in-scope proposals for projects from the Core Plans and the Enabling Programme that require new or changed IT capabilities in order to deliver, recommending projects to the IT Portfolio Board for approval.

The proposals are reviewed to ensure that they are  aligned to the University’s Strategy and to the University’s IT architecture and any additional resources requirements are articulated and secured as soon as possible.

The Board also has oversight of the delivery of initiatives which underpin the three strategic themes of Project Digital.
It meets every six weeks and has a membership of the following individuals:

  • Alex Owen, Chief Financial Officer (Chair)
  • Vipin Ahlawat, Director of IT Services
  • Professor Dan Parsons, Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
  • Miranda Routledge, Director of Planning
  • Ruth Casey, Operations Manager for the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
  • Steve Mottram, IT Enterprise Architect
  • Jackie Hutchison-Connors, IT Services Programme Manager