How to connect my Windows device to the network in Halls

These steps will take you through configuring your computer to use the network and network services, and also installing the supported software. IT Services does not support any operating system below Microsoft Windows 10

Pre-arrival - Update your Operating System

To help prevent your computer becoming infected with malware and viruses, you need to keep both the system up to date as well as your Anti-virus.

Windows updates – To manage your options and see available updates, select the Start button, and then go to Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update

Antivirus – Please ensure you have an up to date Anti-virus package installed. Windows now comes with a free built in Anti-virus package, Windows Defender (other free and paid-for antivirus tools are available)


Windows updates

Network settings

Plug in network cable

Connect the Ethernet cable to your device and the socket on the wall in your room. If your room has two then generally it’s the left-hand socket.

If you this does not, work please refer to the set up guide below.

Network Setup Guide

Register your device

Register with Cloudpath for your wired connection using the link below. You must register each device you connect.


Troubleshooting - Manual registration

If your device is unable to connect via Cloudpath, or if you are registering a smart device, manual registration can be completed by connecting to the network in your room, opening your web browser and follow the instructions or using the link below. You will need to know the MAC address of the device you are registering. Below are instructions for how to find the MAC address on a Windows device:

Command Prompt

Launch the Command prompt:

  • Click on the Windows start button in the bottom left-hand corner
  • Click in the search bar and type cmd and press Enter

Find your MAC Address

To find your MAC Address you will need to type the following in the command prompt and press the return/enter key:

  • ipconfig /all

Look for the section Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection and note down the physical address which should look similar to this 00-A1-B2-C3-D4-C5

Once you have your MAC Address you must now register it using the link below

Mac Address Registration