Telephone fair use

Loughborough University operate a “fair use” policy to ensure telephony services remain open and usable by all users.

While we do not impose rigid limits on volume or length of calls we continuously monitor calls made by users of the service and will investigate abnormal activity with you or your organisation. Abnormal use may include, although not be limited to:

  • High volumes of outbound calls
  • Call centre operation
  • Calling campaign activity
  • High volumes of calls to international or premium rate numbers
  • Very long calls

Note: “monitoring” does not involve listening to calls. We do not record or intercept calls but do collect data on date, time, source, destination and length of calls.

In the event that abnormal activity is detected on your line(s) we will contact your nominated representative/service contact to discuss it. We can make suggestions to alter your calling patterns, if possible, and look at alternate calls plans or provision.

If abnormal calling patterns persist to the detriment of the service and other users, we reserve the right to:

  • Switch you to a more appropriate rate or call price plan at any time
  • Suspend, restrict or disconnect your service
  • Terminate our agreement with you with immediate effect