Support Available

It is not possible to define comprehensively what is an inappropriate communication, but generally it is one that is obscene or in some other way makes the reader feel uncomfortable. At times, members of the University receive inappropriate / unwanted emails, Jabber messages, LEARN forum posts etc.

The University recognises that it can be very distressing to receive any communication of this nature. In line with the University's IT Acceptable Use Policy, this will not be tolerated and has established procedures set in place.

However distressing the communication is, if it is addressed to you personally, it is very important that you do not delete it, if you wish any action to be able to be taken. It is not advisable to engage in a dialogue with the sender.

A member of Confide, or a member of IT Services will be able to support and advise you further in dealing with this kind of issue. It is recognised that people might be embarrassed by the content of such communications. This is entirely understandable. Confide and IT Services will deal with the matter sensitively and confidentially. Information will not be passed on to any other party, without the explicit permission of the individual concerned, unless it is felt that there is an unacceptable risk to another individual or group of people.


If you receive any communication, which causes you distress, you can find support using the link below:

Support & well-being