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Connecting to Group Workspaces

Instructions to connect non-managed devices to access Group Workspaces.


Open Distribution Groups

Open the Distribution Groups window in Outlook on the web:


Locate Workspace name


Scroll down the ‘Distribution groups I belong to’ to groups starting "ws."

Each of these is a the name of a group workspace when you remove the starting "ws." and the trailing ".ReadWrite" and or ".ReadOnly".

If you are only in the ".Managers" and neither of the others you cannot access the Group Workspace.”

Note: Above may not display Group Workspaces where groups have been nested within other groups to give access. If you cannot see a Group Workspace that you have been given access to, please contact the IT Service Desk who can provide a complete list


Search workspace information

Now that you have the Group Workspace information, for example "ws.Tools-.ReadWrite", open the reporting tool Reporting: Workspace Information ( to search for the workspace information.

In the search field titled 'Filter all columns'  enter the Group workspace name e.g "Tools-". This will automatically filter and disaply the details that you require.


Copy address

Once you have the details you require, you will then need to copy and paste into the relevant file manager (not web browser) depending on your operating system. UNCPath (primarily for Windows File explorer) or SMBPath (primarily for Mac Finder) can then be used to connect to the Group Workspace.‌‌