Service level targets

We want to make sure any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. To do so we prioritise and have service level targets in place.

The following is a guide on faults and response times but is subject to assessments on Health and Safety, Risk and Impact and may therefore be subject to operational variations.

Priority A: Emergency (immediate)

Work, which if not carried out immediately, will endanger the health and safety of people, causes major damage to buildings or affect building security.

  • Gas leaks
  • Loss of electrical or heating services to a building
  • Major water leaks
  • Lift breakdown
  • Fire or imminent risk of fire or explosion
  • Collapse of a structure

Priority B: Urgent (within 1 day)

Work which does not present an immediate threat to the health and safety of people, or the fabric of the building but could do so, if not attended within 24 hours.

  • Blocked drains/toilets
  • Broken window (window will be boarded up within this time)
  • Malfunctioning locks
  • Loss of heating/hot water or lighting in a room
  • Overflow running
  • Running taps (not dripping taps)
  • Single stair light out
  • Floor covering - Trip hazard
  • Security of a room within an otherwise secure building
  • Ingress of water in to a building other than flooding
  • Stoppage of LEV or Fume Cupboard system where the contents cannot be relocated for safety reasons.
  • Problems affecting Emergency access, egress or preventing disabled access.

Priority C: Standard (within 10 working days)

Work, which if not attended to could result in a reduction in the quality of the service, provided or presents inconvenience.

  • Lack of power at a single socket
  • Only one light out of many in a room
  • Single radiator not working
  • Adjustment to door closer/door difficult to open
  • Dripping taps
  • Window adjustments

Priority D: Non-urgent (within 21 working days)

Work of a routine nature.

  • Replacement floor covering
  • Replacement curtains and blinds
  • Minor decoration
  • Extractor fans not working
  • Plaster repairs