Cleaning, waste and recycling

Cleaning and housekeeping

At Loughborough, we provide a housekeeping service throughout our halls of residence.


  • Your bedroom and en-suite facility will be cleaned once a fortnight in University halls
  • No bedroom cleaning is provided in Unite halls (William Morris, Harry French and The Holt)
  • No cleaning is provided in the self-contained one bedroom flats and studios.

Communal areas

  • Kitchens and corridors are cleaned on a weekly basis (every other week in Unite en-suite flats)
  • Communal bathrooms and toilet facilities will be cleaned a minimum of three times a week (University Halls)
  • Communal bathrooms and toilet facilities are cleaned on a weekly basis (Unite Halls)

Your responsibilities

To help us deliver this service to a high standard we ask that you:

  • Clean up all spillages
  • Keep refrigerators clean and tidy
  • Wash up and put away your crockery and cutlery
  • On your cleaning day, leave your room tidy

You will be advised of your regular cleaning day by your Hall Manager.

Recycling and waste

Recycling bins are supplied for your recycling. You should put plastics, cans, cartons (‘tetra-packs’), cardboard, paper, foil and empty aerosols in these recycling bins.

Please rinse tins and cans first and don’t contaminate with food, glass or unrecyclable items. You have a plastic bucket in your kitchens for glass. You should rinse glass out before placing it in the plastic bucket provided and empty it at your nearest glass bank regularly. Please don’t put broken glass in here; there is a separate box supplied for this.

If you have a food waste caddy in the kitchen please use this for food waste and close the lid after use. Empty it regularly at your nearest bin compound, and please do not put packaging, liquids or excessive oils in this caddy.

You also have a general waste bin; this is for everything that can’t be recycled. You are asked to recycle whilst living in our halls of residence.

For further information on recycling, please see the University's sustainability website and Charnwood Borough Council's advice on recycling for students.