Support in halls

We are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for each of you during your time in halls, helping you feel safe and supported throughout. In order to help you, there are a number of resources available to support you within your hall community.

Hall management team

Each Hall has a dedicated Hall Management team (available Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00) who are there for any day-to-day enquiries, suggestions or concerns regarding your hall and flatmates.

  • They co-ordinate day to day cleaning and maintenance in your room/flat  
  • Ensures your health, safety and security
  • Work closely with the Warden and committee to provide a seamless 24-hour support service
  • Distribute small post items like letters (parcels are collected from the Post and Parcels office)

Contact details for your hall management team can be found on your halls of residence page.

Warden team

Each University Hall has a team of Wardens and Sub-wardens who are there to provide a supportive and enjoyable environment for all the student residents.

If you have any problems, either arising from within the hall or connected with any other aspect of student life, please contact your warden or sub-warden who will either deal directly with the issue or refer you to someone who can help. Any discussions you have with a Warden or Sub-warden will be in confidence.

Contact details can be found on your halls of residence page.