Health and Wellbeing Research Interest Group (HW-RIG)

Leader: Simona Rasciute, Senior Lecturer in Economics

Dr Rasciute leads the HW-RIG which focuses on research that aims to influence policy and practice to improve health and wellbeing in society.

About us

The Health and Wellbeing Research Interest Group (HW-RIG) focuses on research that influences policy and practice to improve health and wellbeing in society.

The members of this interdisciplinary group use a wide range of research methods including econometric modelling, simulation, predictive modelling methods, laboratory experiments and theoretical models, as well as qualitative methods.

HW-RIG research aligns with Loughborough University’s health and wellbeing global challenge to bring solutions to promote health and wellbeing across the life course and national contexts.

Themes include:

  • econometric modelling of large-scale secondary data to investigate the determinants and outcomes of health and wellbeing and their relations to social and human capital, as well as economic factors to inform policy
  • innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and its effects on public health
  • wellbeing outcomes of individuals and bullying/cyberbullying at work
  • enhancing access to information and knowledge in support of societal and individual wellbeing
  • healthcare modelling using primarily simulation tools to build models that help health care organisations and practitioners make better decisions
  • health inequalities and social wellbeing measurement
  • healthcare commissioning and prioritisation
  • behavioural sciences
  • mental health, emotions and social media
  • job insecurity, unemployment, social identity and wellbeing
  • policy and strategy formation and execution focused on policy implications of the analysis of social inclusion
  • biomedical predictive modelling using advanced data analytics and predictive modelling methods (artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, feature selection).



Dr Simona Rasciute, Senior Lecturer in Economics


  • Dr Nikos Argyris, Lecturer in Operational Research
  • Dr Anna Rita Bennato, Lecturer in Economics
  • Dr Iain Coyne, Senior Lecturer in Organizational Psychology
  • Dr Suzana Grubnic, Reader in Accounting
  • Prof Ian Hodgkinson, Professor of Strategy
  • Prof Tom Jackson, Professor of Information and Knowledge Management
  • Dr Eva Selenko, Senior Lecturer in Work Psychology
  • Dr Antuela Anthi Tako, Reader in Operational Research

Associate members