Water Engineering and Development Centre

Urban water management

Change Management Forum/MDSUPHO programme in India for urban water and sanitation

Location Client Dates Value
Hyderabad, Delhi and other Indian cities, plus training in UK DfID, UK 2000-2004 £400,000

WEDC staff involved:

Summary of project activities and outcomes:

The Change Management Forum (CMF) in India – a partnership to support the development of the urban water sector in India. Key partners include the Ministry of Urban Development, ASCI, more than 10 regional colleges in India, DFID and IWE Cranfield University, (2000-04). Collaborators included Richard Franceys, IWE, Cranfield University, UK and Mr. S. Chary, ASCI, Hyderabad, India. Key outputs included:

  • Change management seminars and study tours for senior policy makers
  • The Change Management Times published for dissemination of good practices
  • A management development course transferred from WEDC to ASCI
  • Support to regional colleges in developing their own sector management courses
  • A training resources CD disseminated to key partners

The work included facilitating institutional analyses of water and sanitation services in a number of Indian cities as part of a senior management development programmes. The seminars have been attended by ministers, government secretaries, mayors, commissioners and other senior stakeholders. An evaluation of the CMF programme highlighted that the programme was well-designed and implemented.