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WaterAid Country Program evaluation and learning in Nepal

Location Client Dates Value
Nepal WaterAid Mar-Apr 2012 £25,000

WEDC staff involved:

Summary of project activities and outcomes:

This demonstrates our understanding of the WASH sector and expertise in evaluation, learning and knowledge management through an Outcome Evaluation of WaterAid’s Nepal country programme and the meta analysis of a set of 8 country programme evaluations by Andrew Cotton, WEDC. The evaluation focused on the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the WASH programme in relation to national priorities and WaterAid’s Global Aims. The evaluation covered rural and urban water and sanitation, building on the previous evaluation of the country programme in Mozambique carried out in 2011 by Andrew Cotton.

Specific responsibilities included team-leading the evaluation: planning, preparation of the detailed evaluation process, schedule and report; fieldwork in Nepal to manage and undertake the evaluation; managing the inception workshop with WaterAid’s strategic country partners; analysis of quantitative data on coverage and costs from internal monitoring reports; stakeholder analysis and qualitative data collection from in-depth interviews with communities, NGO partners, local and national government representatives; managing fieldwork and leading the team analysis of findings; de-briefing WaterAid’s senior management team in Nepal; preparation of the report and Briefing Paper for senior management nationally, regionally and at HQ and meta- analysis of 8 country programme evaluations, preparation of an internal briefing note for WaterAid’s Directors and a peer-reviewed journal publications.