Water Engineering and Development Centre

Equity and social inclusion

Monitoring and evaluation (MVE): Advisors for the South Asia WASH Payment by Results programme (contains an equity component)

Location Client Dates Value
Pakistan and Bangladesh Plan International as part of a DFID funded WASH Results Project 2014-2018 Value of WEDC contract £435,000

WEDC staff involved:

Summary of project activities and outcomes:

A £25 million DFID WASH project in Pakistan and Bangladesh, including 1.65 million new latrines, water supply in 10% of project villages and extensive hand-washing promotion. The project is using an innovative Payment by Results approach for both outputs and outcomes. WEDC are providing advice and support to project consortium partners on the full range of monitoring, verification and evaluation aspects, project learning issues, including payment by results for project outcomes.

We are producing approach papers and strategy reports, together with providing strategic advice. A key focus of our work is on sustainability assessment (covering functionality, environmental, financial, institutional and equity issues) that are linked to achieving sustainable project outcomes. A range of project learning outputs are being developed as part of a coordinated strategy.

We have also developed an equity and inclusion assessment framework to be used for 3 annual assessments in both Pakistan and Bangladesh. These will be used to assess the extent to which project equity and inclusion objectives are being achieved, in order to inform an adaptive project design and to contribute to project learning outputs.