Darryl D'Souza

Current student

BSc Economics
Study area
Business and Economics

I would say that passion, dedication and hard work go a long way when studying at Loughborough.

Studies at Loughborough University, especially in Economics can often times be demanding and stressful. All that said, it is important to take advantage of every single resource the university offers. Maintaining a positive work-play lifestyle and commitment to your passion will see you reap every benefit of studying at Loughborough University both academically and socially.

How did you discover Loughborough, and why did you choose to study here?

I first came across Loughborough University whilst attending a university fair at my school. At the fair, I was made aware that Loughborough University would be able to meet my needs as an international student. I was very pleased to find a university like Loughborough that promotes and hosts a thriving international community. Given that Loughborough University is consistently ranked at the top amongst other highly ranked universities in the UK. The university’s excellent teaching standards in all disciplines which caters to the needs of each and every individual student. Along with a supportive careers network willing to help you along every step of the process.

The hospitable atmosphere at Loughborough allows students to prosper academically, socially and mentally. Other than the university’s impressive top rankings, I was more impressed to witness what I considered to be the most important aspect when choosing a university - the community. The friendly attitude, modesty and humility of students and staff at Loughborough will always be a highlight about the university and are why I am proud to call myself a Loughborough student.

How was the application process and what support were you offered?

By attending the university fair at my school, I was introduced to one of the university’s international admissions officers. They were a valuable asset for me during my application to Loughborough University by making it very easy for me throughout the whole process. This was mostly due to the channels of communication I was offered and was able to utilise in order to keep in touch with them and other university staff members. In all cases, the open and easy channels of communication delivered reliable and honest answers to the many questions I had asked. They were able to provide a greater understanding to the many complications and concerns I had while ensuring their availability at all times with prompt responses. This played a great factor in my application process and showcased the many extents to which the University is willing to offer their support and help to potential and current students.

Having Loughborough University support me with everything from my personal statement to accommodation made the application process a stress-free and a trouble-free process.

Describe your first week at Loughborough - how did you find adjusting to your new life as a Loughborough student?

I was fortunate enough to have visited one of the university’s open day during summer. The open day offered an insight into what moving to Loughborough would be like. In reality, moving to Loughborough was an easy transition for me as I was able to settle in and quickly adjust to my new life. It was during the open day where I was quickly acquainted with the hospitable and welcoming attitude of the current students at the university. The atmosphere during the open day was warm and friendly, the university students were both professional and approachable, offered individual tours and informed us of the many opportunities available at Loughborough University.

Similarly, my first week at Loughborough was certainly a memorable week for me. From my first day when I moved into halls, I was extremely amazed to witness how humble and helpful the current students were as they helped me locate my room and carry my luggage. The moving in process was seamless and was backed by the welcoming spirit of the staff and students. The first week was all around very positive as I was able to interact with people from various countries studying different degrees. Meeting my flatmates and getting involved with the several social events hosted by the university were why I mainly found it extremely easy to move to Loughborough. I did occasionally experience homesickness during my first week. However, I was able to keep myself busy by exploring the many things the historic town and the huge campus had to offer. Adjusting to my new life at Loughborough was easier than expected and made me feel at home away from home.     

What opportunities were there for you to meet other students and get involved in social activities?

Loughborough University is very passionate about promoting diversity and different communities. As such, there are an abundance of opportunities which you will be made aware of at the societies and communities fair at the beginning of the year. Being a part of a society will allow you to meet and socialise with the many new people on campus.

Apart from the excellent academics, Loughborough is well known for its sport loving students. Thus, offering its students opportunities to get involved with over a range of 100 different societies covering almost all hobbies and every thinkable sport. You could play the sport competitively for the university team or to further develop your skills at a more casual level. Either way, you will be able to engage with top class students and graduates in and from Loughborough. The university also hosts year-round hall social events such as formal balls and BBQs that are very entertaining and engaging. Loughborough University ensures there is something for every student to meet and engage with other students.

What are the best things about living and studying at Loughborough?

The town of Loughborough is home to many students from around the world. Living in Loughborough can be described as peaceful and relaxing. The town’s greenery and usually quiet atmosphere is an ideal place for a university student that seeks tranquillity to thrive. Commuting around the huge campus is effortless as there are shuttle buses available till late night for university students to use free of cost. When commuting between the town and campus, walking is also possible as the campus is located very close to the town centre. Alternately, grabbing a taxi or the shuttle bus is also cheap and affordable. However, I did not find myself having to leave the campus and head into town. Living in Loughborough ensures the comfort of the students as it includes many restaurants, stores and a pharmacy that are all available close to the student village located on campus.

For those students that seek the bustling metropolitan setting, the convenient locality of Loughborough in the midlands allows quick trips to cities such as Nottingham, Birmingham and an hour and a half train ride to London. Living in Loughborough is affordable and very practical, which are two things that I as a university student appreciate very much. Apart from the quiet life in Loughborough, my time so far studying at Loughborough highlighted the continuous support offered by the university is outstanding. I have found the lecturers and university staff to be extremely generous and knowledgeable who are always willing to assist students with all matters. 

When you're not studying what do you enjoy doing in your free time at Loughborough?

The various facilities on campus allow students to always keep themselves busy in their free time. In my free time I rarely find myself out in town during the weekdays, instead I usually spend most of my time on campus at the awarded student’s union. In the student’s union I sometimes grab lunch from the many restaurants or enjoy my time chatting with friends at the cafes and pubs on campus. Other times when the weather is great, I love to have a stroll around the big campus with some friends and grab some fresh air. If the weather is not great, I look for something quieter and indoors like the library where I would either be completing work or using my halls common room to play some table football, Pool or table tennis with my flatmates. I like to be active and utilise my free time by regularly playing football and basketball with my friends from halls and my course. I can do this because the campus has many free to use AstroTurf pitches located all around the campus. Equally, getting involved with societies and attending the many fairs on campus are also a great use of your time.

After you have graduated from Loughborough, what are your plans for the future?

After my graduation I would look to go on and work in the investment banking industry for a couple of years before eventually going on to complete a master’s degree in the sector. I would then look to return back into the industry where I would aim to further progress and continue in the industry. The demanding work life and ethic required in investment banking has always captivated me and is a dream of mine that I can turn into a reality by utilising the skills I have learned at Loughborough. Given that Loughborough is well aware that many Economics students wish to enter the investment banking industry, the Careers Network team is always well informed and are specialised in the industry and its job application process. Being able to continue to access the facilities provided by the Careers Network team as a graduate of Loughborough University will be an asset and extremely beneficial for me after my graduation.

How do you feel Loughborough has prepared you, so far, for your future career?

The careers support from Loughborough has been exceedingly helpful. The Careers Network team is there to guide students in searching and progressing in their careers. Effectively, I have been able to attend multiple careers fair hosted by the university. It has given me the ability to learn key details about my desired industry and gain an insight into what is required from university level students. Additionally, there have been countless career events conducted by both the university (i.e. mock assessment centres, one-to-one CV appointments etc.) and companies that visit the university offering networking abilities and insights into their work life and ethic. The careers support and careers network provided by Loughborough University has constructed and supported the foundations to my career seeking skills.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about studying at Loughborough?

I would say that passion, dedication and hard work go a long way when studying at Loughborough. Studies at Loughborough University, especially in Economics can often times be demanding and stressful. All that said, it is important to take advantage of every single resource the university offers. Maintaining a positive work-play lifestyle and commitment to your passion will see you reap every benefit of studying at Loughborough University both academically and socially. When you go on to attend and study at Loughborough University, you will develop as a person in many aspects as I have thus far and consider it to be a real blessing. Studying at Loughborough has not limited me as a student or person, instead has complimented and supplemented my development in many ways. Attending Loughborough University and after studying here for one year, I can confidently say that I have lived the best year of my life to the most and am very excited to see what more is in store for me at Loughborough.