Staff 2000 Network

Get involved in this great opportunity to contribute to creating a better future for staff grades 1 - 5. Together.

The Staff 2000 Network provides opportunities for staff at grades 1-5 to have their voices heard and to raise any issues and concerns. It is facilitated by a group of committed colleagues who will offer practical help and support to staff who would like to be involved in running the network.

The name ‘Staff 2000’ was inspired by the fact there are approximately 2000 members of staff at grades 1-5 working at Loughborough University.

The Staff 2000 Network aims:

  • To create a network specifically for, and led by, staff in Operational, Administrative and Technical job families.
  • To develop better engagement, that builds trust and respect, and inspires us all.
  • To hear the issues and concerns of staff from these grades and an opportunity to address any concerns.
  • To empower you and give you space to work together and develop ideas.

The network has recently been established and is still in its forming stage. Whether you are interested in joining as a member or supporting the group in a chair or committee role, we would love to hear from you. Please contact to join our mailing list and find out how you can get involved.