MAIA - Loughborough University Women’s Network

Maia unites women staff and Doctoral Researchers, including trans women and non-binary people comfortable in a female-centred community, across Schools, Professional Services and Loughborough Students’ Union.

MAIA provides a forum to share and discuss experiences, providing meaningful interventions, and offering training and support, Maia allows us to accelerate the pace of gender equality at Loughborough.

Unless specified, their initiatives and events welcome engagement from all staff members and doctoral researchers, regardless of gender.

The network’s name takes inspiration from the middle name of Claudia Sydney Maia Parsons, who was a Loughborough alumna and the first woman to circumnavigate the globe in a car. Claudia Parsons was a trailblazer whose achievements capture the drive and ambition of the network.

MAIA mission

  • Empowerment for all women at Loughborough University;
  • Engagement from a diverse range of women who seek to learn from, work with, and support each other;
  • Energy for, and commitment to, speeding up gender equality at Loughborough.

MAIA values

  • Belonging - We are a space for all women*. We are different races, ages, roles, religions, disabilities, abilities, sexualities.
  • Respect - We understand and value our differences. Our differences is our strength. We don’t cast judgement, we listen.
  • Cohesion - We are strong and supportive. We seek to share, learn from and support one another. We are stronger, together.
  • Action - We get things done. We are proactive and use initiative to get things moving and encourage others to do the same.

If you have any questions about MAIA, please email or visit the MAIA website

Gemma Towle and Henrietta Pocock