Religion, Spirituality & Belief Network

The network aims to contribute to a fair and supportive environment for people of all faiths at Loughborough University

The Religion, Spirituality & Belief Network is dedicated to making Loughborough University an inclusive and equitable environment for people of all faiths, religions and beliefs.

The network is open to all Loughborough University staff, Doctoral Researchers, LSU staff and campus partner staff, regardless of their religion, spirituality or belief. We also welcome those with an interest in religion and spirituality who want to contirbute to our purpose.


  • We will provide a safe environment for staff with a religion,spiritualityor belief to discuss issues pertaining to religionspirituality and belief at Loughborough University and wider society. 

  • We will accept the validity of the individual accounts from staff who share their experiences. 

Celebration of different religions, beliefs and spiritualities 

  • We will actively recognise the range of religions, beliefs and spiritualities across campus through social events. 

  • We will seek to learn from and share with one another about our different religions, beliefs and spiritualities, including the impact intersectionality has. 

Advocacy and Education 

  • We will learn together about different religions, belief systems and spiritualities promoting dialogue between people of different religions, beliefs and spiritualities. 

  • We will increase awareness of different religions, belief systems and spiritualities represented at the University, recognising that within each there are diverse understandings and the role that intersectionality plays.  

  • We acknowledge the University Chaplaincy and will work together to advocate formembers as appropriate. 

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