Human Resources Directorate

Our purpose

To support the University’s mission by delivering a high quality, progressive, equitable and inclusive employment experience. Together

Our vision

A diverse and inspiring place to work that enables people to be themselves and perform at the highest levels in support of the University’s ambitions.

Priority themes

Equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Work in partnership with schools and services to facilitate the University becoming more equitable, diverse and inclusive, leading on HR practices
  • Coach and empower leaders to create and maintain a positive and inclusive working environment where people are able to voice their differing perspectives and which generates high levels of staff engagement
  • Identify, challenge and address behaviours, structures, systems and processes which create barriers, contain bias and/or discriminate

Pay, reward and benefits

  • Ensure that pay, reward and benefit strategies and approaches are flexible and suitable to be competitive within the UK and international job market
  • Lead the facilitation of the identification of key pay, reward and benefit strategies for the University that are equitable and transparent
  • Establish reward and recognition arrangements which value team and individual performance and support the University’s strategic ambitions
  • Embed EDI analysis in the development of pay reward and benefits to ensure an inclusive approach which remove bias


  • In partnership with Organisational Development and Change, create a culture of high performance through constant evolution and knowledge sharing where employee wellbeing is foremost
  • Develop leaders and frameworks to ensure that all employees know what is expected of them in terms of deliverables (what) and behaviours (how) – recognising that everyone brings a unique contribution
  • Deliver a suite of HR performance metrics which demonstrate the impact and value of HR practices on the overall performance of the University

Recruitment and resourcing

  • Attract talented and diverse candidates across the UK and internationally through innovative candidate attraction and advertising strategies
  • Work in partnership with schools and services to deliver a great candidate experience for all applicants
  • Coach and empower leaders to adopt inclusive and accountable recruitment practices that support the University’s strategic aims
  • Develop an employer brand to enhance our reputation as an employer of choice

Risk management and compliance

  • Provide expert advice on HR risks and liabilities raising awareness where required and support managers in balancing these risks against other organisational risks
  • Work with schools and services to deliver and maximise the benefits of compliance and statutory returns e.g. HESA, UKVI, HMRC, DBS
  • Continue to develop and enhance contracts of employment and HR policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive and are meeting the University’s needs

Theme enablers

These enablers cut across each of our priority themes

Climate change and net zero

Ensuring HR practices positively impact on the University’s ambitions around climate change and net zero

Continuous improvement and development

Continually striving to improve and develop, in partnership with other services e.g. Organisational Development and Change

Data and systems informed thinking

Ensuring the maximum and best use of data systems for delivery and to drive data informed thinking, specifically focusing on equity, diversity and inclusion


Developing positive employment cultures through being adventurous and creative


Embedding consideration of people’s wellbeing at the heart of the employment experience and inclusive employment

For further information on Organisational Development and Change, visit the Organisational Development Hub.