At Loughborough University, our aim is to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all individuals, regardless of their sexuality or gender.

We want to be sure that our LGBT+ community of students and staff is supported, valued, and feel that they belong.

The University demonstrated its work to build an inclusive space where all can thrive by signing up as a Stonewall Diversity Champion in October 2019.

We work closely with staff and student groups, and networks, as well as external agencies to make the University an inclusive organisation for members of the LGBT+ community. We proudly celebrate Pride Month, Campus Pride March, LGBT+ History Month and other key events.

Reporting tool

Loughborough University has an online tool that allows students, staff, or concerned friends or relatives to report incidents of: Domestic Violence, Bullying and Harassment, Stalking, Hate Incidents, Safeguarding, Sexual Violence, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Substance Misuse and any other welfare concerns.

Incidents reported through the system will be handled by trained specialist support staff based in Student Services who will look at the report and provide help and support.

Reporting tool

Further support and guidance