LGBT+ Staff Network

The aims of the LGBT+ Staff Network are to be champions of inclusivity and diversity, to provide support to LGBT+ staff, to promote LGBT+ issues and reach solutions where possible and to ensure our campus and institutions are inclusive, safe environments for the LGBT+ community.

The LGBT+ Staff Network is an inclusive group, as indicated by the + in their name. Anybody with an interest in the area who is supportive and respectful of its other members is welcome to join the group. Staff members of campus partners and the LSU, as well as PhD students, are welcome to join.

Throughout the year the network aims to put on a schedule of meetings, social events and educational talks. All network members are welcome and encouraged to get involved and organise events.

One of our cornerstones is trust and respect of confidentiality. All members are to be treated with the highest level of respect for privacy, and the network aims to support everyone no matter what stage they are in their own personal journey.

For more information on the Network and how to get involved please contact:

Chris McLeod Co-Chair of the LGBT+ Staff Network

Stevie Ashurst Co-Chair of the LGBT+ Staff Network