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Dr Tzameret Rubin PhD Economics

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Teaching Fellow in Economics

Dr Rubin is a Teaching Fellow (Accredited HEA Fellow) in Economics, as well as a Co-Investigator in two large ESRC research projects on FinTech and Next Generation Services (NGS), firstly a £1.4 Million research project about Technology Driven Next Generation Insurance (TECHNGI) and more recently a £230K research project about the emergence and evolution of NGS. She has a PhD in Economics from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia and a Masters in Economics (Finance) from the Technion University, Israel. Her area of expertise is the economic impact of innovation and technological change, in particular, Knowledge Space, business incubators, and public–private collaboration to foster economic growth. Before her PhD, Tzameret worked for nearly a decade in the hi-tech sector; this experience enhances both her Academic- and Enterprise-related work.

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