International Political Theory

How can we understand the nature of global political order today? Can we rely on inherited concepts? Or must new concepts, theories and methods be sculpted and brought to bear on international affairs?

Researchers in the International Political Theory look to apply, refine and challenge the various paradigms through which we seek to make sense of global politics.

Our research engages with a broad spectrum of conceptual and theoretical approaches to international studies, with specialism in critical theories and poststructuralism. This group is also affiliated with the Anarchist Research Group (ARG).

Researchers in this area have considered:

  • Ethical and genealogical questions concerning world order(s)
  • Globalization and the evolution/extension of global governmentality
  • The gendering of global power structures
  • Postsecularism and the political theology of international politics

Thematic lead: Dr Christina Oelgemoller