Study exchange

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates who have enhanced their employability by undertaking a work placement, or have a global perspective gained from their study exchanges. One of the many benefits of undergraduate study in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities is that you have the option to extend your degree to include a year-long professional work placement, a study exchange or a combination of both (6+6).

Why do a study exchange?

  • Get ahead in the job market
  • A different and new study outlook
  • Meet an international network of friends
  • Improve your ability to establish relations with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Gain an international perspective
  • Additional qualification – Diploma in International Studies

Where do our students go on study exchange?

There are many study exchange opportunities with European universities and present University-wide international exchanges include Australia, Japan, Singapore, and the USA. Check here for the most up-to-date list of our partner universities and which School/study areas they partner with.

A few recent examples are below:

What does it cost?

At present, students on study exchanges pay reduced fees to Loughborough University and are not liable for tuition fees at their chosen overseas university. Further information can be found here

If you take part in a study exchange you are eligible to apply for Turing Scheme funding which acts as a financial contribution towards living costs abroad.

Unique opportunity to get THREE degrees studying in Loughborough and Lyon

Loughborough University has a special partnership with the Institut d’études politiques (“Sciences Po”) in Lyon, France which offers to IRPH students the opportunity of earning three degrees over five years. Students complete their first, second and fourth year on a standard three-year IRPH undergraduate degree at Loughborough, the third year as exchange students in Lyon (earning them a Diploma in International Studies), and the fifth year back in Lyon to complete and earn Sciences Po Lyon’s highly-respected Diplôme (a Masters-level qualification). Students on this combined degree track therefore benefit from the full student experience on Loughborough’s campus for three years, and spend two further years in another prestigious institutions in in Lyon, the gastronomical capital of France close to the Alps and the Mediterranean.

Further information

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