Research degrees

Politics and International Studies invites postgraduate researchers to work as part of a convivial and interdisciplinary research community.

Postgraduate research in POLIS provides the opportunity to study challenging political issues and make original contribution to Political Science, International Relations, and History.

Internationally known supervisors, who undertake research in contemporary politics and political theory, international and security studies, early modern and modern history, welcome innovative research projects.

While postgraduate researchers start working with their supervisory team immediately upon commencement of their studies, they also take part in research training requirements and opportunities provided by the School of Social Sciences, Doctoral College, and Library. As members of a vibrant research community, postgraduate researchers actively participate in the undertakings of Research Centres and Groups. They contribute to initiatives and practices that not only enrich their own research, but also advance the research culture in POLIS, therefore contributing to emboldening POLIS research strengths.

100% of Politics and International Studies research impact assessed ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’

Research Excellence Framework 2021