Health Humanities

Health humanities is an emerging strength within the English unit at Loughborough. Our research explores the intersection of English, Humanities, Health, Healthcare, and Wellbeing.

We have particular expertise in mental health in the nineteenth century, ageing and the contemporary, ill-health and work in the twenty-first century, early modern dietary culture (including Shakespeare), and early modern women’s health, pregnancy, and childbirth.




Siân Adiseshiah

Professor of Literature, Politics and Performance

Megan Constable

Research Student

Jennifer Cooke

Head of English, Reader in Contemporary Literature and Theory

Jade French

Doctoral Prize Fellow

Elaine Hobby

Professor Emerita of 17th-Century Studies

Tamarin Norwood

Doctoral Prize Research Fellow

Hannah Palmer

Doctoral Researcher

Rai Powell

Research Student

Sara Read

Senior Lecturer in English

Claire Warden

Professor of Performance and Physical Culture

Our exhibition:  Health from Cradle to Grave: Birthing Chair to Death Couch took place in the Martin Hall Exhibition Space from 27 March - 23 April 2024.

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Exhibition: Health from Cradle to Grave: Birthing Chair to Death Couch

Where: Martin Hall Exhibition Space

When: 27 March -23 April 2024

Gallery Opening times 12-2 Monday to Wednesday (excluding Bank Holidays)

Click here for full details.

Past events:

Research Panel: Professor Mary Fissell Johns Hopkins, Dr Sara Read and Doctoral Researcher Hannah Palmer, Tues 21 Nov 2023.

British Academy funded Symposium: 'Health & Medical Humanities in the Midlands', 27 April 2023. Read Hannah Palmer's account of this event in The Polyphony.

Research Panel and Publication Launch: Women's Writing about Health and Illness' Dr Jennifer Evans University of Hertfordshire and Dr Claire O'Callaghan from the Research Group gave papers on their articles in the special edition of Women's Writing co-edited by Dr Sara Read and Dr Jennifer Evans, 13 December 2022.

Research Panel: Doctoral Researchers Megan Constable and Rai Powell gave papers and readings about their practice-led creative writing doctoral research into representations of blindness and autism in YA fiction, 26 October 2022.