Students with caring responsibilities

Loughborough University defines student carers as anyone who cares for a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction and could not cope without your support. This definition does not include student parents caring for their children.

Our aim is to instil a sense of self-belief in our students, showing them just what can be achieved here at Loughborough. We work with multiple departments to ensure that wherever possible, students with caring responsibilities are offered flexible academic deadlines. We also support carers by helping them develop a personalised timetable to manage all of their competing commitments.

To recognise its work in supporting student carers, Loughborough University has been awarded the Carers Federation Quality Standard in Carer Support.


Wellbeing advisers support students with caring responsibilities and offer one-to-one appointments and group sessions. 

Izzy's story

Meet Izzy who balanced academic study, student life and caring responsibilities for an ill relative. Watch our short film to find out all about her life at Loughborough University and how she managed her time to ensure that she makes the most of her student experience.

Loughborough University works with a number of local and national charities including Voluntary Action South Leicestershire, the Learning and Work Institute, and the Carers Trust to help young carers progress through higher education.

For organisations and schools supporting young carers, our School and College Liaison team have devised a range of on-campus activities to give students a taste of the University experience at Loughborough. More information can be found on the School and College Liaison website. More information is also available on the UCAS website.

Contextual admissions

Consideration of contextual information may lead to an offer being made which is slightly lower than the typical entry requirements.

Contextual admissions