Estranged students

Students are defined as estranged when their relationship with their parents has irrevocably broken down.

Depending upon whether the estrangement has been disclosed, and whether sufficient evidence has been provided, you may be classed as “estranged” by Student Finance and be assessed for maintenance support as an independent student i.e. based upon your own income rather than your parents’.

If you are treated as an independent student by Student Finance, you will be more likely to receive the maximum funding including the Loughborough University Bursary.

Evidencing your estrangement can be complicated so please visit the Student Advice and Support Service for more help. You can also visit Stand Alone for more information.

Our flexible accommodation options include the ability to remain on campus on a 52-week basis (subject to availability). If you’d like to continue to live on campus over the summer, a summer accommodation request can be made directly to the Student Accommodation Centre in Term 3. 

The University’s Hardship Fund Summer Scheme is intended to help undergraduate students who face financial difficulties during the summer vacation, including those who may be living independently during that period due to estrangement. A successful application may provide funds to assist with your accommodation and outgoings over the vacation 

Wellbeing advisers support estranged students and offer one-to-one appointments and group sessions. 

Contextual Admissions

Consideration of contextual information may lead to an offer being made which is slightly lower than the typical entry requirements.

Contextual Admissions

UCAS Applications

For students applying to start their course in 2023, UCAS has introduced a section in the application so you can share more information about your circumstances with the university or college – including whether you are estranged. This information means the university or college will be able to connect you to the right support for your needs quickly and easily and ensure you have all the information you need.