Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students

Loughborough University is committed to providing opportunities for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students and staff to talk openly about race and the challenges faced by BAME students on a local, national and international level.

Dermitta’s story

Accounting and Financial Management student, Dermitta shares her experience of being a Black female student at Loughborough.

Student Services

Student Services provides a safe and confidential space for BAME students to talk about their experiences, access tailored support and receive specific adjustments/ongoing support as required. For more details, see the specific support available to BAME students on the Student Services website.

Careers Network

Loughborough Careers Network are continually enhancing their services and resources for BAME students, and can offer specialist guidance and advice to support students in their search for employment. You can find out more on the Careers Network website.

Race Equality Action Group

Loughborough University is a member of the Race Equality Charter and maintains a Race Equality Action Group (REAG), comprising of 19 staff and students. Whilst every person within our community is responsible for promoting equality and challenging discriminatory behaviour, the Race Equality Action Group are working to create long-term institutional change by advancing race equality, promoting equal opportunities and tackling racism in everyday situations, processes and behaviours.

LU Arts

LU Arts is committed to the stand against racism and recently published a Race Equality Statement to outline how it will work to become more inclusive and representative service for all students.

Loughborough Ethnic Minorities Network

Loughborough Ethnic Minorities Network is a safe space for students to voice their concerns and improve the experience for all Ethnic Minority students at Loughborough. The Network is a platform for advocating the opinions and welfare of Ethnic Minority students and provides an opportunity for students to campaign for change.


The Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS) is a society that celebrates cultural diversity at Loughborough. As a society, their aim is to educate, empower, support and engage its members, as well as provide a platform for showcasing and celebrating African and Caribbean culture.

The Asian Society is for students of any nationality or background to celebrate Asian history, culture and heritage. The Asian Society is regularly engaged in fundraising activities and provides support for a number of charities, including The Little Things, Khalsa Aid and Russ International.

The Tamil Society provides a platform for students to get to know the culture, language and history from various perspectives. The Society provides a ‘home away from home’ environment and aims to benefit and support students during their time at university.

For a full list of societies, please see the Loughborough Students’ Union website.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion blog

For stories and examples of race equality, diversity and inclusion at Loughborough, visit our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion blog.

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