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Care leavers, Carers and Estranged Students

Some students don’t receive as much financial, practical and emotional support from family as others do. Students who fall into certain categories may be eligible for additional support.

Care leavers

Care leavers are defined differently by Local Authorities, Student Finance and the University.

Depending upon your individual circumstance you may be eligible for financial support from your home local authority. Speak to your local authority about this. There is also a wealth of information on the Become charity website. 

There is a special package of support for care leavers available from Loughborough University including the Care Leavers Bursary. To apply for this bursary you will need to complete the application below by clicking the link. 

Care Leaver Bursary Application

Care leavers Bursary 2019-20

You only need to complete the application once to establish entitlement for the whole of your course (note that the Bursary is not paid during a placement year). If you need help with the application form please contact Careleavers@lboro.ac.uk.

You will have been asked to declare your care leaver status on your UCAS form and student finance application. If you didn’t declare at this stage, you may still be eligible for support if you let the University know that you are a care leaver.

For the purposes of the Care Leavers’ Bursary, a Care Leaver is defined as a young person who has been in care of the local authority and/or Health & Social Care Trust for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14. Care Leavers who have subsequently been adopted, or are the subject of a Special Guardianship Order, will not automatically be eligible for this enhanced financial award. Detailed eligibility information is set out in the Bursary Terms and Conditions

If you need support as a care leaver you can contact careleavers@lboro.ac.uk. If you need support with money and housing related matters you can make an appointment with the Student Advice and Support Service.


Carers provide personal, physical, practical or emotional support to another person, usually a parent or sibling.

If you have caring commitments, you may be at risk of missing lectures or deadlines. It’s important that you keep your academic department informed if your extra responsibilities are impacting on your studies.

You may face additional expenses as a carer, for example if you have to travel home more frequently. The University Hardship Fund may be able to help with this. You can make an appointment with the Student Advice and Support Service if you would like help with the application.

You can read more about the support services available to Loughborough students who are carers here.


Estranged students

Students are defined as estranged when their relationship with their parents has irrevocably broken down.

Depending upon whether the estrangement has been disclosed, and whether sufficient evidence has been provided, you may be classed as “estranged” by Student Finance and be assessed for maintenance support as an independent student i.e. based upon your own income rather than your parents’.

If you are treated as an independent student by Student Finance you will be more likely to receive the maximum funding including the Loughborough University Bursary.

Evidencing your estrangement can be complicated so please visit the Student Advice and Support Service for more help.

You can also visit Stand Alone for more information.

Students lacking support for other reasons

Some students may not fall into the above categories but may lack support for a number of other reasons. You may not be a care leaver, young adult carer or estranged but nonetheless have difficult relationships with your parents.

This may be due to:

  • Family breakdown
  • Parental mental health issues
  • A mismatch in expectations and the student's life choices

Parents may in some circumstances have withdrawn their cooperation with Student Finance means-testing, leaving you with the minimum amount of funding. If you are in this situation, book an appointment with the Student Advice and Support Service. An Adviser can help you to understand your options and maximise your income.