Attendance, engagement, term dates, timetables, leave of absence and withdrawal from study

Attending your in-person classes and engagement with your online content are a crucial part of successful study during your time at University.

General questions about engaging with your studies

Why do I need to let the University know I’m engaging with my studies, and how can I do so?

The University uses a digital register through the myLboro App, which enables you to let us know that you are attending your classes. This is known as Attendance Check-in, and you should use this every time you attend an in-person class.

Checking in is your way of letting us know that you’re engaging with your studies, and if we notice that you haven’t done so, we’ll likely get in touch to check on your wellbeing and to see if you need some support. We’re also legally obliged to let UKVI (if you’re in receipt of a Tier 4/Student Visa) and Student Loans Company (if you’re in receipt of student finance) know if you’re not meeting attendance requirements, so it’s really important that you keep us up to date by checking in.

Full guidance on how to use Attendance Check-in can be found through the link below, along with a Troubleshooting Guide for if you encounter any problems while using the myLboro app.

How to use Attendance Check-in

Where can I find Semester and Term Dates?

Please see the Semester and Term date listing in the Student Handbook.

Please discuss any required time off (special occasions, holidays, funerals etc) with your School.

Semester and Term Dates →

I would like to have a break from my studies... (Leave of absence)

A Leave of Absence must be discussed, agreed and approved by your School. Please see Leave of Absence information in the Student Handbook.

If you have reviewed the relevant information and would like to progress with a Leave of Absence, please contact your Personal Tutor or School prior to contacting Student Records & Operations. Your School contact information can be found on the Self-Service portal.

Guidance on Leave of Absence → Student Self-Service portal

I would like to terminate my studies... (Withdrawal from Study)

In the first instance, you should contact either your personal tutor or your School/Department Administrator. Please see Withdrawal from Study information in the Student Handbook.

If you have reviewed the relevant information and discussed your options with your School/Department, please contact Student Records & Operations.

Guidance on Withdrawal from Study → Student Self-Service portal

General questions on timetables and timetabling

How do I view my timetable?

To access your timetable, please first download the myLboro app from the appropriate app store for your phone.

You will need the myLboro app to register your attendance at live sessions.

The timetable can also be accessed using the online student timetable.

If you are off-campus and wish to access your timetable, you will need to use Multi-factor Authentication.

When will I receive my timetable?

Student timetables will normally be released 4 weeks prior to the start of teaching for each Semester. Where student choice is being undertaken within this period (i.e. new starters, including Part A and F, PGT and incoming exchange students), personalised timetables will be released once module choice has been completed.

What does my timetable mean?

Your timetable is coloured-coded based on delivery type and will indicate which of your teaching sessions will be in-person (indicated by the number of a room on campus) and which will be delivered online.

You can see example timetables at the link below.

Guidance on your timetable from the Timetabling Team →

When do I choose my optional modules?

You will select and register for all your optional modules during the module choice window which runs in Semester 2 from the start of teaching week 10 to the end of teaching week 11.

How do I make my module choices?

Optional modules are selected using the Module Choice System (MOCS) linked below, logging in with your University username and password. It is important that you check the first page to ensure you have the correct programme and part listed.

When selecting your modules, please read all relevant module information and make sure you meet any prerequisites listed in the module specifications. Should you have any questions regarding this, please email your School Programme Administration team or the Module Leaders.

Link to the Module Choice System (MOCS)

How do I get information on which modules to choose?

Schools provide information to students ahead of and during the module choice window through a variety of means. Your School will be in touch with you about this at the relevant point in the year.

Module specifications and programme specifications are an important source of information. Schools may also make information on module choice available via Learn.

In addition, most Schools run a Virtual Module Choice Event which provides an opportunity to explore your module options and chat to academic staff.