Using attendance check-in

You need to use the myLboro app to check-in to record that you are present at your timetabled teaching sessions. This includes all in-person classes and live online classes, including Microsoft Teams sessions and remote labs.

You are expected to attend all scheduled teaching sessions and if there is a reason you are not able to do to, you need to inform your School.

How to use attendance check-in

Find out how to use Bluetooth check-in, view your check-in history, check out of a lecture and how to refresh your timetable.

Getting started

Make sure you have downloaded the myLboro app and are set-up ready to use it. You can download the MyLboro app from the Apple or Android app stores and then log in to the app with your University account. Ensure that you allow the app the permissions it asks for, such as accessing your Bluetooth. If you do not grant these permissions the Attendance Check-in process will not work. If you have an Apple device, you can set the App to use Location Services Always, While Using the App, or Never. We recommend setting this to While Using the App.

Every time you attend a class, make sure you have Bluetooth and Location Services turned on and you're connected to the University's WiFi network. We recommend setting up your phone to connect to the eduroam WiFi network automatically.

Once you have checked in, you can turn Bluetooth and Location Services off if you wish to but remember to turn them on again to check-in to your next class.

Next, open the app, and click the 'Attendance check-in' tile. Find the relevant session and tap Check-in.

You will get a notification 15 minutes before the class start time, and another notification when the class starts. You can check-in from the time the class is scheduled to start, until 60 minutes after the class is scheduled to end.

What happens next

After clicking “Check-in” for a timetabled class, you should see a green tick to confirm your check-in attempt has been received. This isn’t the end of the process, as the app will verify whether this was successful after the class has ended. You should look at your Check-in History on the app afterwards to confirm if your attendance was successfully verified.

Understanding your Check-in History

In your Check-in History, there are four coloured indicators which could appear next to your timetabled classes to let you know more about what was recorded by the app. Here is what they each mean:

Awaiting verification

The app is yet to verify your check-in. Please check back later.

Check-in verified

Your check-in attempt was successfully verified by either a Bluetooth beacon or IP address using eduroam WiFi. You were recorded as attending.

Location not verified

The app was not able to verify your location when you attempted to check-in. This could be for the following reasons:

  • You had an in-person class in your timetable, but you watched online on MS Teams. As the app could not confirm you were in the room, you will have been recorded as not attending.

  • You had an in-person class in your timetable and were in the room, but had an issue checking in. We recommend making sure to turn your Bluetooth on and connect to eduroam WiFi at all future in-person class.

  • You had an online class in your timetable. As there was no teaching room for the app to confirm whether you were in it or not, it has instead noted that you engaged with the class. This will not impact on your attendance record.

Not checked-in

You did not attempt to check-in to this timetabled class and have been recorded as not attending.

If you forgot or couldn’t check-in to one of your classes, don’t worry, just try to remember to check-in at the rest of your classes.

If you are unable to attend a class, perhaps because you are unwell or you must attend an interview for a work placement, you should use the MyLboro app to mark yourself as absent on the digital register for that session. If you expect to be absent for a week or more, you should email your School and let them know.

Need help?

If you have any difficulty using the app to record your attendance, please see the Troubleshooting guide for assistance using the App. If you continue to have problems, please contact IT Services for support.

Troubleshooting guide

Frequently asked questions

Does the myLboro App track where I am?

The app only records if you were in the classes you are timetabled to attend. It doesn’t monitor where you are beyond this; it doesn’t know when you are in your halls of residence, when you go to the library, the gym, the Students’ Union, etc.

When you download the app on an IoS device, you will be asked to consent to the app accessing location services Always, Never or While using the App. When downloading the app, we recommend selecting While Using the app.

Why does the University gather attendance data?

Loughborough University gathers information about students' attendance to:

  • Provide an early alert where students may be experiencing academic difficulties or wellbeing issues, allowing us to offer support.
  • Ensure students recorded as registered on university systems are still attending their studies.
  • Satisfy Home Office requirements for those students who hold a Tier 4/Student Visa.
  • Satisfy Student Loans Company requirements for those students who are receiving a loan.

What data is collected?

For attendance check-in, the app records your email address, the session you attended, the time the check-in was performed, whether your device saw a Bluetooth beacon (and which one) and your Device’s IP address.

What happens to the data that's collected?

The data collected via MyLboro are transferred to the University’s system. This data is only used to record your attendance on the digital registers.

Can my attendance record be changed after a session has finished?

The myLboro app will allow you to check in up to an hour after a session finishes, but we strongly recommend you do so as soon as you arrive. After that hour the record can’t be changed, either by your School or IT Services.

If you were unable to check in to the app because of a technical issue (such as your timetabled session not showing), then please visit our Troubleshooting guide for assistance recording your attendance at your next sessions. The attendance data is used to contact students who have stopped attending over a period of time. You won’t be contacted if you weren’t able to record your attendance at a particular teaching session, as long as you usually do so. If you continue to have problems, please contact IT Services for support.

What should I do for teaching sessions where I’m not allowed to use my phone (e.g. practical labs)?

For some teaching sessions, such as practical labs and fieldwork, it is not permitted to use a smartphone. It is likely that your lecturer will have an alternative method for recording your attendance for these sessions and should let you know about this in advance.

Does the University record my academic engagement with Learn or ReVIEW?

Social distancing measures make it more important than ever that you engage with the Learn content for your modules as well as attending your face-to face teaching sessions. To ensure that you are effectively engaging with your studies, the University will also keep an oversight of your engagement with resources on Learn and ReVIEW.